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Buninyong Village Market
Stallholder Information

Where is the Market?

Buninyong Village Market is situated at the Buninyong Town Hall and its adjoining carpark on the Midland Highway/Learmonth Street, Buninyong. 


Finding the Market is fairly easy. Buninyong is a small township and the Town Hall is visible from the main road. Please contact the Market Supervisor (Lisa ph. 0408 116 202) if you are lost.



When is the Market?

The Village Market is run seasonally throughout the year – Autumn, Winter, Spring and Christmas – approximately 4 times a year.


The Market is held usually on a Saturday in the afternoon – times vary with each season. Please check the times on our website or Facebook for each Market.



Stall Selection

The Buninyong Village Market focus’ on regional growers, local artisans, community-based stalls and sustainable practices – this ensures a vibrant market mix. We aim to have no more than two to three producers/stalls (depending on market size) of any particular product. For this reason, we reserve the right to decline a stall holder booked into the market if your products are too similar, or duplication in other areas. Exemptions may apply at the discretion of the Market Manager. Variations to your accepted product range require permission from the Market Manager. Stall selection is based on locality, quality, diversity, reliability and desirability of your product.




We will be on site 2 hours before the start of the Market – not earlier! We have promised the local traders not to close the road before then.


Please turn up to this area and check in with the Market Area Supervisor to find out where you will be setting up.


The Market start times are advertised when stall bookings open.


It doesn’t matter when you turn up, as long as you are up and running for trade by the start of the market, we will be happy  Please report to the Market Area Supervisor upon arrival. Although the earlier you arrive, the more of a chance of a stall site that you like would be available.




Please do not start packing up before the advertised end of Market time.



Site Maps - Where do I set up?

Outside stall site maps are unavailable as sometimes we are still receiving stallholders up to the day before the Market! Therefore, site maps are constantly changing.


We also use a flood fill technique - so cars are not driving all over the carpark - we also try and bunch the stalls up to ensure stalls flow well and not too spaced apart - it gives a good feel to the market. We do our best to negotiate with the stall holder to secure the best spot suitable for them. Bumping in the outside stalls can be a challenging feat. Your patience would very much be appreciated.


Inside stall site maps will be emailed at the beginning of the week before the Market. If you wish to secure a particular spot, please email your request and we will endeavour to meet it (some sites have been previously secured).


Market site allocations are determined by the Market Manager. Whilst every attempt at fairness is made, the Manager's decisions are final and not negotiable.


The Market Manager reserves the right to move a stallholder's location from month to month to keep the market fresh and balanced, or for any other reason deemed fit.



How do I book a site?

ALL Bookings are made via Trybooking - unless prearranged with the Market Manager.


All bookings are taken on a casual basis. 


Follow the advertised booking link to book a site. You can find this link on Facebook or on our website.


In the lead up to the Market, the Market Manager reviews bookings to ensure a mix of stall types. Sometimes similar stall types are booked by several stallholders – eg soy candles, pet treats, polymer clay jewellery. In the case of numerous stalls selling a similar type of product, the Market policy is the last stalls booked are to be cancelled and refunded.



Site Descriptions

  • FOOD – NON POWERED  This site is only for FOOD VENDORS – Outdoor site – does not require power

  • FOOD – POWERED SITE – This site is only for FOOD VENDORS – Outdoor site – with power next to the power box

  • OUTSIDE STALL – BYO Marquee – 3mx3m stall sites – all stalls are outside

  • INSDIE STALL – 1.8m x 1.4m – standard trestle table size site – does not include a table – inside the Buninyong Town Hall – 1.8m standard trestle size sites only

  • TOWN HALL VERANDAH - On the verandah of the Town Hall – larger area which can fit 2 trestles/1 small trestle – under cover

Outside sites are allocated to allow for a BYO 3m x 3m marquee. We do not allow room for your car.

Vehicles are permitted within the carpark of the Town Hall only during set up/pack up. For safety purposes, no vehicle can be moved within the carpark grounds between half an hour before the Market and until the Market end time. All vehicles must be off-site 30 minutes prior to the advertised Market start time. You must be ready to trade by the start time and must not pack up until the advertised end time.



Site Costs 

All stalls – indoor and outdoor – $35

Powered sites $40

Indoor stalls only – table/chair set up – $5 cash on the day


Increases in fees will occur periodically. Buninyong Community Events Inc. endeavours to keep fees reasonable and comparable to other markets of a similar demographic.


Extension Leads

If you have specified that you need power on your booking, please ensure that you have properly tested and tagged extension leads on the day. If they are not tested and tagged, unfortunately the Market Area Supervisor may not let you plug in.


Please ensure you bring suitable length of lead - at least 20m minimum.




All stallholders are encouraged to have current public/product liability insurance. 


Our insurance company do not offer the ability to purchase insurance from us.


Please be aware that you are responsible for the goods you sell including any incident or injury to a third party incurred as a result of your vehicles, person, or product.


You are responsible for the protection of your goods for sale against theft.




If you have booked through Trybooking, your payment has been received – thankyou!


If you have not booked through Trybooking, the Market Area Supervisor will collect your cash payment on the day.




Please as soon as you have unpacked your goods and structures for trading, that all cars are to be removed from the site as soon as possible. This allows for others to bring in their goods for unpacking – it is a small site and the less cars the less clutter!


Parking is available all around the Market site, there should not be any problems finding a park.



Food Stalls Registration

Food and drink stall holders are required by law to meet food hygiene standards and regulations. If you are selling food or drinks products it is your responsibility to maintain correct licensing and registration for your products. To assess requirements for your products and complete registration requirements please go to http://


Random auditing of street trader registrations are carried out by the Council.


You may be required to provide evidence of current registration at time of application and you must lodge a Statement of Trade with Streatrader for each date you plan to attend the Village Market in the Ballarat Shire.



Refunds & Cancellations
Cancellations must be received by 9am the Monday before the Market.


Cancellations received after this time will not be eligible for refund or postponed booking. Please make every effort to notify us as early as possible if you cannot make a market day you have booked in to. It is often difficult to fill vacant spots at short notice. Refunds are NOT available in the case of bad weather.



Tables Inside the Town Hall

If you require a table, please contact us via email to book one. On the day of the Market, the Town Hall Market Supervisor will collect $5 cash from you and set your table and chairs up for you. They will then also pack them away for you at the end of the Market.


We do not offer this service outside the Town Hall for outside stalls. You will require to bring your own tables, chairs and tents to the Market.



Covid Compliance

We abide by the Victorian Government guidelines –



Share – Share – Share

We are excited to represent you and your business, and hopefully you are just as excited to be apart of this Market with us! Please SHARE this excitement by directing your friends, family and existing customers to the Buninyong Village Market Facebook Page so everyone can be updated on the news in the lead up and during the Market! Please tag the Village Market in your posts too! That way we can find your Facebook page more easily so that we can share your posts and products as well!


Our Responsibility 

  • To be fair, transparent and accountable

  • To promote the Market as widely as practicable

  • Work to encourage vibrancy and community engagement

  • Maintain a safe event to the best of our ability

  • Accept and value your feedback



Your Responsibility 

  • Sell only Market Manager approved items as per your application. If introducing new items to your stall please discuss their appropriateness to our market with the Market Manager in advance. 

  • To ensure you leave your site the way you found it - clean with all rubbish removed.

  • Our market organisers are mostly volunteers, who work tirelessly to run the market each month. Treat them with respect. 

  • Show courtesy to other stallholders. 

  • As with all Markets, purveyors of food and drinks need to register and comply with food safety regulations in our local/ government area. More information regarding regulations can be found at -

  • You are responsible for your products and the safety of your equipment including pergolas, tables and umbrellas. All umbrellas and marquees must be appropriately weighted (10kgs per corner or stem). 

  • Ensure all walkways and passages remain free of obstacles that may create a 

  • tripping hazard. 

  • Any power cabling used should be waterproof and tested and tagged according to safety regulations.




  • Respect for other stallholders, organisers, and visitors, to the market are a must. Stallholders all have the right to display their wares in the most beneficial way to advertise the product they are selling. Organisers are volunteers who are giving of their own time to manage the market. Visitors to the market are considered customers of the Market and must be treated in a courteous manner at all times. 


Market Manager Contact

The Market Manager is only is available to communicate via email.

For enquiries and cancellations please email


Buninyong Village Market is an initiative of Buninyong Community Events Inc.

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