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Our Mission is to bring together the Buninyong and surrounding community through a series of engaging, accessible and community driven arts and cultural experiences.


Ballarat’s soul is rebellion. Buninyong’s soul is gold.


For 34 years, the Buninyong Gold King Festival has been part of our community.


Today that festival is known as the Buninyong Festival but has grown to be more than just a single event. The legacy of the Gold King Festival creating community, bringing people together, affirming our connections with each other, continues through the work of Buninyong Community Events Inc. 


We are the past, we lead into the future. We are all about Buninyong. All about Community. And all about delivering events that matter to our village.


We believe in community. We believe in connecting people, businesses, artists, makers, doers, talkers, and dreamers. We make events happen. We connect them through a series of community orientated and community led experiences that enhance, showcase and activate the people, places and spaces of Buninyong and surrounds.


Check out our current Our Events page for details on what we are working on at the moment and our Get Involved page to see how you can be part of shaping the dynamic future of Buninyong Community Events.


Our events bring together thousands of people in our community every year. We believe bringing people together in harmony and enjoyment is one of the most powerful building blocks of community.


Our events define and demark what it is to be part of our community and we believe they have become central to what it is to be part of Buninyong.

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