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Christmas in Buninyong

Christmas in Buninyong is a community engagement project that begins in the streets of Buninyong and is shared through local business, and community, bringing happiness and Christmas cheer to the Village.

Each element of Christmas in Buninyong will engage the community in a variety of ways and will showcase the township of Buninyong through walking, discovery, adornment, and sensory stimulation.

Festive Window Art

Look out for the decorated local shop windows using designs by local artists. This year the theme of red bows adorn the shop windows!

Decorative Wooden Red Bows

Red-painted wooden bows will adorn the verandahs throughout the Village - made by the wonderful Buninyong Men's Shed.

Decorative Red Tree Bows

Red tulle tree bows will also adorn some of our beautiful trees in the Village.

Elves of Buninyong!

Follow the clues and find the Elves hidden around the Village. This is a self-guided Christmas Elf hunt around Buninyong to locate 12 hidden Elves. Pick up a hint sheet from one of the local businesses and spend some time walking around our lovely Village searching for the Elves! Make sure you #elvesinbuninyong and share them to social media for others to see but don’t give away the clues! The Elves have been designed and painted by local artists and made by the local Buninyong Men’s Shed. Enter your clue sheet to maybe win a $10 Community Gold voucher!


The Big Box

The Big Box is a purposefully designed, temporary installation. It is an ongoing project to build a collection of community assets that can be used and shared by local community groups in Buninyong. For Christmas, the Big Box will be positioned out the front of the old Buninyong Bank Building, decorated in joyous Elf Christmas designs, the Find the Elf poem, artwork by Brigid Corcoran from Saltbush Kitchen and a map of the Village!

This project has been developed in collaboration with the following community groups
and businesses -

  • Buninyong Community Events Inc.

  • Community Bank Buninyong

  • Buninyong Town Hall Asset Committee

  • Buninyong Men’s Shed

  • Lesley Hale & Lisa Cressey (local artists)

  • This project also engaged several local volunteers

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